Chase Chrisley wants to move to Bahamas: would Todd allow it?


Chrisley knows better Star Chase Chrisley recently took a trip to the Bahamas with her sister, Savannah. During their stay, the siblings made sure to share plenty of photos from their vacation with their fans. Now, Chase makes mention of wanting to move to the Bahamas. Will his father allow it? Read on to find out more.

Chrisley knows The best stars go to the Bahamas

Recently, Chase and Savannah Chrisley took to their Instagram Stories to share photos from their vacation in the Bahamas. The duo tag SLS Baha Mar, a luxury resort in the Bahamas. Sadly, those first photos are being shared on Instagram Stories, so there’s no way to see how fans are reacting. Interestingly enough, Chase captioned one of the first photos of the trip with “much needed”.

While the Chrisley kids may be back home, it looks like Chase Chrisley is still yearning for the Bahamas. Todd Chrisley’s second son posts a photo of him leaning against a pool table. From the side, fans can see Savannah and the siblings smiling from ear to ear. The Growing up Chrisley star captions the photo with the following. “Maybe move to the Bahamas! “

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Chase Chrisley could move there, fans know better

However, fans of Chrisley knows better and Growing up Chrisley know that moving to the Bahamas will not be easy for any of Todd Chrisley’s children. One fan even goes to the comments section and writes “Your dad wouldn’t allow it.” Notably, neither Chase nor Todd respond to this comment.

Chrisley Knows The Best Chase Chrisley
Instagram Chase Chrisley

Other comments compare this photo to Ryan Renolds and Blake Lively since Savannah is not fully in the photo. One fan writes, “Poor @savannahchrisley he cut you off. It’s time for him to shine.

Chase chrisley
Instagram Chase Chrisley

It’s likely that moving to the Bahamas is just a dream for Chase Chrisley at the moment. This is due to the fact Ace TV Shows recently reported that Chase just built his own house. He shared the news on his Instagram in May. The reality TV star writes: “Beyond the joy and the luck of building my first house!”

Do you think Todd would let Chase move to the Bahamas? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. Make sure to come back to Ace TV Shows for more Chrisley news.

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