Cell C customer service number and other important contact details in 2022

Staying connected is a crucial part of life. It lets you stay in touch with friends and family back home, friends you just met, or co-workers. Cell C is one of the best networks in South Africa to help you stay connected. If you need to contact them to find out more about their services, check out Cell C’s customer service number and other contact information here!

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Find Cell C’s customer service number and other important contact details in 2022 here! Photo: @cellcsa on Instagram (Edited by author)
Source: Instagram

Cell C has been providing South Africans with the best services for at least a decade. But there are thousands of users, and they face different challenges every day. Finding out the quickest way to contact the provider’s customer service is of the utmost importance. If you are wondering how to contact this provider, this guide will show you how by providing the Cell C customer service number and other important contact details.

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How do I speak to an agent in Cell C?

This can be on their website, via email, or by speaking directly to one of their agents. Of course, most people feel more relieved when talking to an agent. To talk about it, call 135 or dial 135 then choose option 9, which will redirect you to an agent.

Whichever provider you use; you are bound to make serious mistakes when using your phone. For example, you can use the wrong number when paying for a service or even send money to the wrong person.

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So, no matter how good a cell phone provider is, at some point you will find yourself trying to contact them to resolve such issues. If your cell phone provider is Cell C, you can get it in a number of ways.

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What is the self-service number for Cell C?

It’s 135. This call is free if you have a C mobile phone. However, if you are calling from another line, dial 084 135; in this case, standard rates apply. Also, note that you will be charged at normal rates when making calls from any other Telkom network or line. Here are others contact details according to your need:

  • Contracts and upgrades – 084 145
  • Quick information line from a C-147 mobile phone
  • Business – 084 194 4000
  • Cell C direct- 084 145
  • C-Fibre- 084 145
  • Glocell – 084 1234
  • Customer service FAX- 084 167 6598
  • SMS customer service – 084 143 29

What is Cell C’s email address?

If you have an urgent request you can’t go through self-service, try Cell C’s customer service e-mail address; [email protected] The email to use for Fiber support is [email protected]

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What is Cell C’s whatsapp number?

Cell C customer service number in 2022
Apart from a self-service number, email and website, Cell C also has a WhatsApp number where you can get them. Photo: @cellcsa on Instagram (Edited by author)
Source: Instagram

It’s 084 444 0040. Need to know how to get started with Cell C WhatsApp? Start by installing the WhatsApp app on your device. It can be a smartphone, a laptop or a desktop computer. After that, save Cell C customer service whatsapp number as a contact. Once saved, it will show up in your WhatsApp contact list. Then feel free to message any day, anytime.

C Cell Frequently Asked Questions

Apart from contact details, most of its users also ask different questions about the services offered. Here are some of them and their respective answers.

How do I activate my Cell C number?

Setting up your device is quite simple. First call customer service free of charge on 135 from your Cell C mobile or on 084 135 from your landline. Note that standard cellular rates will apply. After that, choose “enable MMS/GPRS settings” or talk to an agent to guide you through the process.

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How do I activate the Cell C self-service PIN?

You must first call the call center to authenticate yourself. After that, you will be transferred to Self-service PIN Create or reset module to help you create a PIN known only to you.

How do I check my Cellule C statement?

You can do this in different ways. For example, if you decide to use the application, you must log in and click on “Invoice”. However, when using the website, log in and go to “My Account History” and “Invoices”.

How can I check Cell C data offers?

Dial *101# to check your balance. But if you need a more detailed report, dial *147# or check the Cell C or Self Service app. Please note that you must understand and accept the terms and conditions given to access the Daily and Daily Nite packages.

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How do I check my balance on the Cell C contract?

The USSD code to dial is *101#. After dialing it, press “send” and your airtime balance will be displayed on your screen.

What is the self-service number for Cell C?

Cell C self-service is a system that allows customers to resolve issues such as SIM swapping, query tracking, account statement retrieval and many more without having to speak to an agent at the customer service. Download the Cell C app from Google Playstore.

Anything can go wrong when using a phone. Cell C has created several ways to contact them to help you resolve any issues. This guide has provided you with Cell C 2022 customer service numbers and other necessary contact details.

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