Bermuda tops US international coronavirus rankings – The Royal Gazette


Created: Sep 27, 2021 07:56

Bermuda tops a list created by The New York Times for the number of coronavirus cases per 100,000 people (Image, The New York Times)

Bermuda tops a global list for the number of Covid-19 cases per 100,000 population in a table compiled by The New York Times.

The US newspaper said Bermuda had recorded an average of 109 new cases per day from last Monday to yesterday, a rate of 171 per 100,000 population.

Grenada ranked second with 163 cases and Seychelles third with 101.

Serbia was fourth, Dominica fifth and Mongolia sixth.

But Bermuda, with two deaths on record, had the third-lowest average daily death rate of the top ten jurisdictions.

The island also had the second highest vaccination rate of the top ten at 67 percent.

The list is made up of 217 countries, nations, territories, dependencies, principalities and states.

Bermuda ranked second in the number of deaths per 100,000 at 3.13 among the 217 places listed.

Bermuda was at the top of the same graph for cases per 100,000 people from September 6 to 12.

The Royal Gazette has created a new page with a series of statistical information on the coronavirus.

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