Since the Philadelphia 76ers collapsed against the Atlanta Hawks in the NBA playoffs earlier this summer, Ben Simmons has grown into one of the most insane professional basketball players in the entire league. The Simmons saga certainly seemed to be heading for a successful business, but even after reports of interest from multiple teams, Simmons remains stuck in Philadelphia.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Ben Simmons would swallow his pride and return to training with his former team, but fans were shocked to learn that he ended up being kicked out of training and temporarily suspended. of the team. Now, amid reports he put his New Jersey home up for sale after being suspended by his team ahead of their opener against the New Orleans Pelicans on Wednesday night, Ben Simmons has received a surprise offer from “dribble his balls” in a more meaningful way.

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Apparently, Stripchat has a fondness for the most hated players in the NBA, as weeks after offering a job offer to Kyrie Irving, the leading adult live cam platform reached out to Ben Simmons. According to a statement from Company XXX, Stripchat hopes to make Simmons its new brand ambassador by November. In anticipation of Movember, Stripchat is willing to donate Simmons $ 1,000,000 to raise awareness about men’s sexual health, especially prostate and testicular cancer.

“Dear Ben Simmons, I’ve been following your ongoing saga with the Philadelphia 76ers. It’s definitely… something… watching you have tantrums during practice and then get suspended. No one seems to know the outcome of all of this. , but I hope this will be resolved quickly, “wrote Max Bennett, vice president of Stripchat, in a letter to Simmons. “As the vice president of Stripchat – a leading adult online webcam platform – I would like to offer you the opportunity to be a brand ambassador for our company, starting with Movember. You are surely bleeding from it. ‘money – via fines, etc. – by refusing to be on the team right now. “

“Would be a great fit for the Stripchat team as we try to educate our users on the importance of men’s sexual health, especially prostate and testicular cancer. You can dribble your balls in a more impactful, ”Bennett continues. “Take the time to review our offer. I would like to get a deal before November 1 and have it run for the duration of the 2021-2022 NBA season.”

Scroll down to see a photo of Stripchat’s full Ben Simmon offer letter.

StripChat letter to Ben Simmons

Image provided by Striphat

In case they don’t troll the former Philadelphia 76ers player, do you think Ben Simmons should accept Stripchat on his million dollar offer to “dribble?” [his] bullets in a more punchy way? ”Let us know what you think of Stripchat’s latest antics in the comments section.