AWS Improves Contact Center Productivity With New Amazon Connect Features

AWS shared new stages of business momentum and announced three new features for Amazon Connect, improving the productivity of contact center agents.

For the first time, AWS reported that tens of thousands of AWS customers support more than 10 million contact center interactions per day on Amazon Connect, which is an easy-to-use omnichannel cloud contact center solution, scalable and profitable. .

The new features are designed to give agents the right information at the right time, respond to customer questions faster, provide fast and secure caller authentication, and make communicating with customers easier and more efficient.

Customer experience is vital for any business,” says AWS. “But traditional contact center technologies are often difficult to use and don’t give businesses the flexibility to meet the changing demands and needs of their customers. “

AWS says this explains why tens of thousands of AWS customers choose Amazon Connect to provide customer service. Over the years, customers have asked AWS if it would build an external contact center service using Amazon’s own service DNA. Amazon Connect does this by mainstreaming Amazon’s contact center software into a service that fundamentally changes the customer contact experience in the cloud, with built-in machine learning.

“With Amazon Connect, organizations have a contact center that can be set up and set up in minutes,” explains AWS.

“A solution that requires no infrastructure to deploy or manage, is easy to use, scales up and down as contact volumes change, and is much more cost effective because businesses only pay for the time that agents interact with customers. “

The three new features announced today build on more than 130 recent Amazon Connect price reductions, features and enhancements provided by AWS since the launch of Amazon Connect.

New features include:

  • Real-time agent assistance: Amazon Connect Wisdom gives agents immediate access to the wide range of product and service information they need to resolve customer issues when actively engaging with customers.
  • Caller authentication: Amazon Connect Voice ID provides real-time caller authentication using machine learning-based voice analysis.
  • High volume outgoing communications: New features in Amazon Connect provide contact centers with intelligent, integrated, high-volume outbound communications across multiple channels (calls, texts, and emails).

“With tens of thousands of AWS customers after just four years and over 10 million customer interactions every day, Amazon Connect has become one of the fastest growing AWS services to date,” said Pasquale DeMaio , general manager of AWS for Amazon Connect.

“Today’s three features build on this foundation to make it easier for contact centers to provide better customer service. Now businesses can empower agents to find answers faster, provide customers with a more secure and efficient experience, and rapidly scale their outbound communications. . ”