Awards celebrate inclusive contact center industry

The shortlist of awards celebrates Wales’ inclusive contact center industry – The shortlist has been announced for the 24th annual Welsh Contact Center Awards, ahead of an event on September 30 at Cardiff City Stadium.

The awards, backed by main sponsor Jomo People, celebrate a sector that contributes £650million a year to the Welsh economy and employs 32,000 people in 200 businesses across the country.

(Left to right) Richard James (BT) – Katie Armitage (Jomo People) – Sandra Busby (Welsh Contact Center Forum) – Sarah Hopkins (Jomo People) – Mark Partridge (Royal Mint); Ross Flanigan (Deloitte); Chris Coles (connection support)

Centers and individuals are nominated for achievements such as supporting employee inclusion and innovative strategies to support customers and staff.

Sandra Busby, Managing Director of the Welsh Contact Center Forumsaid:

“This year’s awards will once again celebrate the outstanding support the contact center industry has provided to its customers across a wide range of industries.

“Being able to pick up the phone or open the live chat and talk to someone who can provide support, advice and solutions to a wide range of issues is invaluable to organizations and communities, and the sector can be proud of their service..

“We not only recognize the outstanding work of the centers and individuals, but also the commitment to things like employee well-being, diversity and innovation, ensuring that the industry is one where everyone world can prosper.

“We congratulate all of the nominees for this year’s awards and applaud their role in the continued support and success of the industry.”

Among the top categories this year is Best Inclusion Strategy in which BT, Connect Assist and Royal Mint are nominated.

Mark Partridge, Royal Mint Customer Service Specialistsaid he was proud of his employer’s active commitment to adapting the business – based in Llantrisant – to be inclusive of all employees, including its support for those with visible and non-visible disabilities.

He said: “A lot of times when you tell employers you are different – ​​in my case, being disabled – the answer can be no. But the Royal Mint gave me the opportunity to further my career and the company really accepted my disability and gave me all the support and assistance they could.

“Since joining 11 months ago, I am now part of an EDI (equality, diversity and inclusion) discussion group that looks at the business and how it needs to adapt to be more inclusive of all employees – regardless of ethnicity, disability, race, or religion We meet monthly and the Royal Mint has implemented a number of important changes.

“I’m really proud to work for a company that has an ambitious vision to be the best and, in doing so, includes everyone.”

Connect Assist Team Leader Chris Colesleads his new Sign Assist team of three – all deaf – at the Nantgarw-based company.

Chris said: “By enabling deaf people to work in a predominantly hearing company and developing a new department that strictly supports deaf people and British Sign Language (BSL) users, we have opened up new opportunities for both for employees and our customers.

“Traditional contact channels are designed for hearing people. But our initiative is a bespoke contact service for the deaf community, which means introducing things like video calls that enable BSL communication, empathy and allowing them to communicate with us in their native language, which is extremely important to them.

“I am proud that Connect Assist took a chance on us, creating an opportunity for us to break down barriers and provide much needed support to the deaf world. I am proud of my team, William and Victoria, for working with me to make something like this happen, they are passionate and determined to grow. We all want to leave a mark on this world and show everyone that it’s possible.

Richard James, director of BT’s Cardiff centersaid the Black Lives Matter movement has been the catalyst for new training for employees on race, while the office also recently became the regional lead in Wales and South West England for support Pride Cymru.

He said: “We believe in a culture where people feel they belong, are engaged and connected; where people feel able to include everyone, regardless of their culture and differences.

“BT has taken all of its staff through Let’s Talk About Race training, involving over a hundred thousand people across the organisation, which has opened the door to conversations that have never happened before, where staff have been able to feel confident discussing the breed, learning, and being curious about the lives of others.

“An example of this was a team member coming to our leadership event and talking to us about Eid and what it meant to them – it was educational and therefore we engaged in Cardiff to do not organize team events or buffets during the month of Eid. when colleagues are fasting.

“I’m so proud to be the leader of a company that is leading the way for inclusion, and that by creating the right environment for everyone to be themselves, we will have a healthy and thriving culture.”

The main sponsor of the Welsh Contact Center Awards is Jomo People, who specialize in recruitment for the sector.

Sarah Hopkins, co-founder and talent partner at Jomo Peoplesaid:

“We are delighted and honored to continue to be title sponsor of the Welsh Contact Center Awards again this year. Having worked in the contact center industry for our entire career, we know how important rewards are to the teams that participate.

“We also got to see how hard these companies have worked over the past year, the challenges they’ve faced, and the commitment they’ve shown to support their teams and customers. Being title sponsors is our way of recognizing these successes.

“These awards are also an opportunity for people outside the industry to find out what we believe makes contact centers unique places to work. As the industry faces a war for talent and a global labor shortage, we are looking more than ever to recruit new talent who can bring skills from other sectors.

“By supporting the awards, we hope that people from diverse backgrounds can experience exactly why we love this fast-paced industry and what it offers for those looking for flexibility and career progression.”

Alongside the main sponsors, Jomo People, Deloitte, Jabra, CGI, SSCL, University of Gloucestershire, Yolk Recruitment and Daktela are category sponsors and an Arvato supporting sponsor.

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