Anywhere365: end-to-end contact center solution compatible with teams

Now more than ever, businesses around the world need their contact centers to be in top shape to properly manage their customer interactions. Therefore, having access to an advanced, comprehensive and intuitive contact center solution is essential.

The Anywhere365 contact center solution and dialogue management capabilities, offered by Fuse 2 as a Premier Partner, are guaranteed to meet a company’s core communication needs. With Anywhere365 being the first-ever cloud contact center to be officially certified by Microsoft, along with Fuse 2’s in-house Direct Routing-as-a-Service capability and a host of other CCaaS features, the company aspires to revolutionize the way businesses communicate.

Here’s how.

Direct Routing as a Service

For anyone unfamiliar with telephony — which is most people — the effort it takes to be able to use Microsoft Teams as your phone system would be a major headache.

“To enable Microsoft Teams to connect to the PSTN, you must have on-premises SBCs, Direct Routing, or Microsoft Calling Plans. These are often options that require partnering with third-party vendors and are typically difficult to manage,” explains Jodie Penk, Marketing Manager at Fuse 2.

Finding your way through this telephony maze can be a handful, which is exactly why Fuse 2 makes sure to provide its own direct routing as a service with the contact center offering.

“We both provide direct routing from our own core network and offer the Anywhere365 solution as a Premier Partner, with incredible feedback and recognition from Anywhere365’s senior management,” says Penk.

This effectively means that Fuse 2 is able to go further and offer additional features and benefits around the Anywhere365 solution that go beyond traditional contact center functionality.

“Above all, we make it easy for our customers to use Teams as their business phone system and provide them with comprehensive in-house support to do so smoothly,” Penk notes.

“Additionally, we can offer dynamic CLI/DDI presentation based on recipient country, port customers’ numbers or provide them with new numbers from our own network globally, and cover minutes usage with competitive international calling plans and rates.”

Anywhere365: complete, intuitive, adapted to Microsoft

Anywhere365 is a full-fledged global omnichannel contact center solution built entirely around the Microsoft stack.

“It’s a huge advantage for Microsoft-oriented businesses,” says Max Hardern, Corporate Sales Manager at Fuse 2.

“The Anywhere365 platform is designed to take advantage of existing licenses a business already has with Microsoft and get the most out of them. Whether it’s their Power BI, SharePoint, Outlook, Office 365 or anything else.

Being cloud-based, agents can use Anywhere365 from any device or location, centralizing all communication into a single hub and easily tracking customers across different platforms.

Here are some of the platform’s main contact center features:

  • Native MS Teams integration – enabling skill-based routing, monitoring console, timeline dialog management, etc.
  • Power BI Dialog Reports – create bespoke reports focusing on various areas such as forecasting, workforce management, recording and quality monitoring.
  • Integrated wall panels – presenting detailed dialog metrics, SLAs, agent overviews and queue failures.
  • CRM integration – seamless connection from CRM to contact center, including several out-of-the-box integrations with Salesforce, Servicenow, Dynamics365, SAP and others.
  • Omnichannel – streamline all communication channels to provide agents with an integrated experience across WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook, email and other channels.
  • snapper tool – a mobile contact center agent app, enabling a consolidated and simple agent experience.

To learn more about Fuse 2’s Anywhere365 offering, go here.