Activity hive, no “activities”


EXPRESSION By Ebere Wabara

HOW are you preparing for the last quarter of this year? Don’t be on the wrong side of the law. “Restore confidence in justice, Buhari accuses CJN” Always do things right please: Restore confidence in (not in) justice.

“Police arrest prostitute for alleged attempt to burn down church” (Vanguard Headline, August 30) Rewrite: Police arrest prostitute for attempting to raze a church.

The following five errors come from National News of August 30: “It is not necessary to favor (foist) an interim president (an interim president or interim presidents, depending on the context). “

“The office, located in the popular Ikorodu Road and was a hive of activity while…. »Wabara Campaign Office for Rent: Beehive of activity / industry, that is, a place full of busy people. Understand: never, never activities or industries!

“Security experts urge tougher counterterrorism measures” Community Mirror: Counterterrorism measures.

“The implication for (for) the economy of the nation should be considered if …”

“But developments inside and outside Nigeria have since made it obsolete (why the discord?).” (National Energy Week, August 31)

“Court of Appeal: A New Man in the Saddle” (TODAY’S ADDITIONAL COVERAGE, August 27) Supreme Jurisdiction: In the Saddle

THE GUARDIAN, Saturday, August 28, offered readers just two blunders: “… Kogi State has in no way benefited Okunland and its people. Spell checker: benefited.

“… Your recent presentation of the Excellence Award by the United States Congress. (Full-page ad edition by members of Akwa Ibom’s State Caucus in the National Assembly) Congratulations: Award of Excellence.

“Travel of the celebrities: when the going gets tough, hard knocks strike Grenada” (SATURDAY INDEPENDENT, August 28) Plural: the rough; the hard; the rich; poor people….

“Our eating habits have totally collapsed from what they were before.” (Source: as above)

The latest blunder from SATURDAY INDEPENDENT: “Next week’s question: tall or short women, who are sexiest? My comment on this issue of KISS & TELL: Who are the sexiest (not sexiest)?

“As a result, sources said he is (undergoing) treatment abroad.” (LIFE weekend, August 27-29)

From the SATURDAY PUNCH on August 28 comes the next blunder: “Post-pregnancy pain makes Victoria Beckham glamorous for comfort.”

DAILY TRUST from August 27 broadcast seven random solecisms: “PDP to protest the non-conduct (sic) of the LG elections in Anambra, adopts a vote of no confidence on (in)…”

“However, Ndukwe who said he never had a premonition (a premonition) of his son’s death said it was (it was) the Lord’s action.”

“Speaking also on the occasion …”

The Back Page column concludes the series of irregularities: “In the process (a comma) an incoming bus (in reverse) has passed them.”

“The pains are better to imagine (imagine).”

THIS DAY of August 28 offered readers three mistakes: “… she did not part with him either because …”

“In her opinion, sticking a nail on (in) their union’s coffin was a decision …”

“She said she had (had) gone on with her life …”

Next on the infamous list is the Sunday leadership of August 29: “Ahead 2022 Bethel Conference: What Assemblies of God has in stock for Nigeria” Praise and Worship: Replace “stock” with “store” for reflective clarity with a idyllic mirror standard.

Still on the ‘All Facts, All Sides’ stable: His August 26 editorial blundered: “The farmer alerted the government to the discovery as a result of which…. The discovery of crude oil in Kwara state: The farmer alerted the government to (no) the discovery.

“UNN School of PG Studies 2021/2022 PG Admissions (Sanwich Program) Education in a Shambles: sandwich. This explains why a holder of an upper second-class degree in English could not spell a word as simple as ‘meet’ and had to be disqualified by a former Lagos State Police Commissioner, Yakubu Alkali, during the Force recruitment.

Yet another bad copy of a full page advertisement in THISDAY from August 26th: “We heartily congratulate you on (on or on) this meritorious achievement at the domestic bar in the legal profession.”

“It only remains (remains) to see if…. (Nigerian Tribune, August 6)

“Exit of a matriarch” (full page obituary) This is nonsense because the computer regulates itself on most spellings and the use of grammar: matriarch.

“The truth or not of these allegations has been presented on different occasions to both…” The truth was (were not).

“Premature and preventable death (which is timely and preventable?) Is another bloody feather on the hats of operators of trailers and other transport vehicles. Another bloody feather in the pilots’ cap….

Please note that it is contradictory and blasphemous to speak or write: “With gratitude to God for a life well spent, we regret to announce the death of our…”. It is impossible to be grateful to my Almighty Father and to express regret, sadness, sorrow in the same breath…. If your emotions overwhelm your spirituality and your belief in eternal life, then swallow your gratitude. In this case it becomes: “With moans about the Creator and disappointment in all He stands for, we regret to announce the timely demise (don’t worry about that) of our breadwinner.” ! On a serious note: “With gratitude to God for a life well spent, we announce with joy / pleasure or happiness / satisfaction the death of our…. Mr. Eniola Bello strongly disagrees with me on this statement. What is your own point of view? Join the conversation.

“We must also remember that the party made an effort to integrate into one or the other of the two parties…. »No negligence: none of the parties. “One or the other of the two parts” can lead to lexical upheavals!

“They came to enjoy the music, not to pay through the nose (nose) for a few hours of fun.” (Addendum from last week from one of my ardent readers)

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