375 Park Avenue to distribute Tommy Bahama


May 27, 2021 by Kate Malczewski

The US importer 375 Park Avenue Spirits, a division of the Sazerac company, has signed a distribution agreement with the Tommy Bahama brand of spirits.

375 Park Avenue will handle sales, operations and marketing for Tommy Bahama Spirits

375 Park Avenue will oversee the brand’s sales, operations and marketing from July 1.

Produced by Coral Cay Distilling and part of the Tommy Bahama lifestyle brand, the Tommy Bahama spirits portfolio contains “ tropical inspired ” spirits and ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails, including a rum from Cuban style, rye whiskey with rum and vodka aromas.

Jason Schladenhauffen, President and CEO of 375 Park Avenue Spirits, said: “Whether it’s spirits, home furnishings or clothing, the Tommy Bahama brand has a proven track record in creating quality products that inspire and encourage the relaxed and carefree lifestyle that she embodies.

“This unique collection of artisanal spirits and RTD products has already won numerous awards and has built customer loyalty with its superior taste and the island spirit that emerges with every sip. We’re excited to take over – in our flip flops – to expand the availability of this wallet across the United States. “

The 375 Park Avenue Spirits portfolio includes Cutty Sark Blended Scotch, Paul John Single Malt Whiskey, Scapegrace Gin and Van Gogh Vodka.

In August 2020, 375 Park Avenue Spirits entered into a supply and distribution agreement in the United States with the baijiu brand Ming River.

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