1Stream transforms complex contact center and customer experience technologies to improve the customer experience

Exceptional customer service is about more than handling numerous calls, it’s about creating a meaningful connection with your customers so that you understand them and respond to their needs accordingly.

In recent times, technological advancements, especially in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), are changing the way customer service is offered. From speech analytics to the power of integration, technology is changing approaches to customer service.

A notable platform that has ensured the application of technology to holistic customer service is 1flowa South African provider of cloud-based contact centers and CX technology.

This article explores how 1Stream transforms complex contact center and CX technologies into simple solutions focused on improving customer experience and managing total costs for businesses.

The latest contact center trends to help businesses in 2022

At a high level, the focus is on customer experience and the technologies that can support it. The goal is to provide users with the information they need to do their jobs in a single application.

Whether they’re in sales, service, delivery or marketing, the goal is to have one app so there’s one place to go for all the information.

There is also a move towards AI to improve service delivery. Businesses are always under pressure to do more with less and advancements in AI have helped increase efficiency through improved self-service capabilities.

We see this with the increased use of chatbots and with advances in speech analytics, we are now starting to see more voice bots.

This will allow callers to talk to the system rather than entering numbers on their phone. This change will drive more self-service, which should help businesses provide consistent service at a lower cost.

Improving contact center service for online retail

As retail moves online, it becomes easier and easier to switch suppliers for the same products.

When this happens, the only differentiating factor is service. It is relatively easy to copy products, but it is not so easy to copy the service delivery of a business when it is successful.

When customers no longer experience your brand through bricks and mortar, contact center service becomes even more important because this is how customers perceive your brand.

How technology helps improve the customer experience

Customer experience is about the entire customer journey throughout the customer’s life. Staff need access to the right information at the right time to provide fast and efficient service.

With the right tools at their disposal, staff have detailed customer information with a complete customer history.

They can see previous customer interactions as well as past purchases. Ultimately, to be astute in your role, you need easy access to information and that’s where the right technology helps.

How can CRM help your trade sales team?

CRM systems not only help the sales team, they provide tools for sales, service and marketing. It’s about having an app that the whole company can use.

You can launch marketing campaigns directly from the CRM and track leads that go to sales. All information is in one place and sellers can manage their entire pipeline from a single environment.

When the deal closes, the new customer is automatically supported by the service team with a range of support features.

Above all, detailed reports are available on the entire process so that management has an overview of sales, service and marketing.

How CRM Helps Build Customer Loyalty

CRMs allow businesses to have a 360 degree view of their customers as they provide users with comprehensive customer information.

They also have various features to enable users to serve customers more efficiently. If customers are supported at every touchpoint in an organization, they will ultimately be more loyal.


1Stream the leading cloud-based CRM and contact center provider in Southern Africa.

Founded in 2008 by Jed Hewson and Bruce von Maltitz, 1Stream is committed to enabling businesses to deliver excellent customer experiences using cutting-edge technology.

1Stream is more than just a service provider – we pride ourselves on being a provider of quality solutions that meet the highest global standards.

Over the past 15 years, we have won a series of international awards for our commitment to delivering excellence in customer experience and count many innovators and industry leaders among our customer base – corporate, large and small, who are equally committed to ensuring the best customer experience through a commitment to quality.

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